Roatan Natural Products

Our natural products business has been developed with Josiany Forbs a local Roatan resident who has a passion for her island, culture and its environment.

Together Wild Roatan and Josiany have developed eco-friendly natural products made with locally sourced ingredients, the initial product line with focus on soap, skin and beauty products made right here in Roatan. Products will be packaged in environmentally friendly packaging and we will work to develop additional product lines which can replace existing products people buy and import into Roatan.
Some of our initial featured product ingredients will be coconut, mango, almond and lemongrass these plants provide many health and well-being benefits and are found throughout the island. Our long-term goal is to produce and refine the majority of our ingredients with local communities including essential oils.

Under the Wild Roatan business development and marketing association, we will be marketing and selling Josiany’s natural products through online channels, websites, local pop up markets, retail outlets and to cruise ship visitors.

Through the sales of the Wild Roatan Natural Products we will provide Roatan residents with sustainable and environmentally friendly jobs while also donating a percentage of all sales to our community outreach programs including beach clean ups, environmental education and awareness and community development projects.

*Roatan handmade artisan products
*Made with natural ingredients
*Supporting local communities with sustainable environmental friendly employment
*Sales assist in the funding of local conservation projects including beach cleans ups and education campaigns
*Shop with us and help us protect Roatan’s WILD SIDE!!!!