Batana Oil for Hair 
Sourced directly from Honduras

Batana Oil is truly a natural treasure, called a “miracle oil” it's amazing to see the benefits of Batana Oil when used regularly on your hair. Over the past few years, more and more people have been discovering the benefits of Batana Oil and that is why we are excited to share with you our experience with a natural product we grew up using in Honduras. 

Our Wild Roatan Batana Oil products include Raw Batana Oil, Batana Hair Oil, Hair Creams and Skin Soap that have been designed to offer maximum benefit, aroma, and usability.

With a lifetime of experience using Batana Oil, we hope you decide to discover the benefits of Batana Oil with us at Wild Roatan. 

Benefits of Batana Oil

- 100% Natural Hair Care Formula.
- Nourish and repair damaged hair while revitalizing your hair’s appearance with more body, thicker and fuller hair.
- Restore beauty, promotes lustre and healthy looking hair. 
- Repairs and nourshies damaged hair. 
- Moisturises dry hair, scalp or skin.
- Recommended for all hair types.
- Wild Roatan Raw Batana Oil is sourced directly from Honduras.
- We specialize in Batana Oil Products 

Our Batana Oil Products

We have searched for the highest quality Honduran Batana Oil to create quality natural hair care products. All our Batana Oil products are hand made by Honduran hands and at Wild Roatan we are proudly from Honduras.

Vegan Friendly

Naturally Derived Ingredients

Ethically Sourced

Wild Harvested

Cruelty Free

Buy Batana Oil Products

Choose from our Batana Oil specials or browse through our products online. Our Batana Oil products are available with shipping to the USA, Canada & UK. 

If located in Australia or New Zealand check out our partner website at - Batana Oil Australia.