Benefits of Batana Oil for Hair

Did you know Honduras has a “miracle oil” called Batana Oil. It is an oil extract that comes from a palm tree that grows in La Moskitia, Honduras. Batana is a popular and effective hair & skin care oil and we are excited to launch our Wild Roatan Batana Oil product lines that have been designed to offer maximum benefit, aroma, and usability.

Our Batana Oil Hair products are a great way to nourish and repair damaged hair, give your hair a fresh, beautiful glow, or even reverse hair loss. It also mends split ends, while moisturizing dry and brittle hair.

Batana Oil Benefits:

*Encourages hair growth
*Repairs damaged hair
*Reverses hair loss
*Natural dye for gray and white hairs
*Shinier hair
*Moisturizes dry hair and scalp

Our Batana Oil Products Include:

*Batana Hair Oil
Our Batana Hair Oil uses a Batana Oil base (main ingredient) and is complimented with Coconut, Avocado, Olive, Jojoba, Rosemary, and Tea Tree Oils, this gives it all the benefits of Batana Oil while also having a pleasing aroma and makes it easy to use as a liquid through our spray or drop bottles, this Batana hair oil will not go hard in cooler climates.


*Batana Oil Hair Cream
This Batana Hair Cream is a great way to nourish, repair damaged hair, and reverse hair loss. This hair cream; mend split ends, moisturizes dry and brittle hair, boosts growth, and builds strength. This magical blend of oils and butter will regenerate your hair and scalp by stimulating the follicles, providing effective results.


Raw Batana Oil
Raw Batana Oil is a popular and effective hair care oil that helps encourages hair growth, repairs damaged hair, assist with hair loss, also it is a natural dye for gray and white hair, gives shinier hair, moisturizes dry hair and scalp.