Environment Bumpers

Bumpers (short animated graphics) are a great way to get a message across with maximum impact and minimal cost. They are perfect for social media, websites and TV stations where short breakers or ads can be used between segments or programs. They are very successful as they provide concise short messages in a short time frame, with music, animations and sponsor information.

Our first four environmental bumpers will be used on the Roatan Travel Network on channel 117 in Roatan and shared across various social media platforms which have 150K+ members, through 10K+ mailing list and on www.roatanet.com which is the most visited website in Roatan.

We will also be providing the Environment Bumpers in a downloadable format in English and Spanish for businesses and local TV stations to use.

Another great bonus with bumpers is they are very easy to brand, and as a special offer to all Roatan businesses, local TV stations and social media platforms we can offer you a FREE set of branded bumpers with your logo (available on request). This service will enable you to share and use the bumpers while also promoting your business and brand. This is a service which is available by request at info@wildroatan.com

Bumper Sample