Beach Clean Ups

With a growing population and more and more tourists visiting Roatan each year, it is more important than ever to maintain communities, beaches and the surrounding ocean and reef clean.

As a tourism destination promoting and presenting a green image of the island will sustain and impress visitors while also protecting the natural resources which are an important part of what attracts tourists to Roatan.

Our monthly Beach Cleans ups are coordinated and planned with local organizations and communities where we combine resources to generate and develop long term results.

We audit the trash we collect and submit the results to a global database meaning our clean ups are making a big difference to the global trash crisis we all face.
Through Wild Roatan and our partners we will be working to provide employment to a local clean-up crew who will work to clean up problem areas all over the island.

We are currently working to secure additional partners so we can launch this important project in 2020. If you are interested in becoming a partner, would like to learn more or know of an area what needs cleaning please contact us so we can discuss details.

As an individual or concerning visitor you can support this project by purchasing our products online through our shop page or voluneer with us, find out more here .

Project Launch 2020.